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  • Who is Coopersmith Career Consulting?

    Through Legacy Degree’s partnership with Coopersmith Career Consulting, we are able to offer this expedited path to your degree completion. We have chosen Coopersmith as our dedicated content developer, which is why you will see both Legacy Degree and Coopersmith logos throughout your materials. While Coopersmith serves a specific market, Legacy Degree has opened its doors nationally, serving many the leading markets throughout the United States.

  • Is there a time frame in which I have to complete a course?

    There is generally no time limit upon a student’s preparation for an examination. Therefore, once a student is given access to the study materials, the student may take or complete the course assessment(s) at the time of the student’s choosing. However, students should note that Coopersmith reserves the right to adjust or supplement the study materials or assessments for any course at any time. If a course’s study materials are updated while a student is studying for a course or examination, the student shall, upon request, be provided with the updated study materials at no additional cost. It is the student’s responsibility to inquire as to whether a course has been updated between the time that the student initially received the study materials and the time at which he or she takes the final examination. While Coopersmith places no time limits on studying for an examination records, Coopersmith may limit the amount of time students are afforded to complete the assessments in a course with more than one assessment. For example, if a course requires three research papers and a final examination, Coopersmith may prescribe that all essays and the final examination must be done within a three-month window commencing with the submission of the student’s initial assignment. Any such time window limitation shall appear in the course syllabus.

  • How are Coopersmith courses are administered?

    Once a student indicates an interest in taking a course or examination and, if applicable, pays the required fee, the student is granted access to the course syllabus and study materials. Such access may be granted through an online learning management system, a link through which the student can access the study materials, a flash drive, print materials or any combination thereof.

  • Who are the courses given by?

    All courses are developed by leading subject specialists and are current college professors. All courses are available to be taken online.

  • How do I know which course is for me?

    Call and speak to one of our academic coaches for guidance. There is no charge. 888.910.2667

  • Will there be any additional costs throughout the course?

    No required costs. However, course books are required for each course and for a course like Baking 101 requires you to actually bake, so you would have the extra expense.

  • How many courses can I take?

    As many as you want. Complete your coursework at your pace.

  • What if I need help?

    Coopersmith is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Send us an email with your question(s) and we will be happy to assist. info@coopersmithcc.net

  • How do I access my transcripts? How do I print them?

    Coopersmith uses a password-protected student management system (“SMS”) that allows students online access to their academic records on demand. While Coopersmith maintains electronic copies of all student assessments and examinations, these may not be available for student inspection. Therefore, if a student wishes to retain access to an essay or other assessment the student submits, the student must keep his or her own copy of the assessment. Students may not copy examinations or any portion thereof and are prohibited from taking pictures or otherwise storing or reproducing Coopersmith examination questions. Students may use Coopersmith’s student management system to generate their own unofficial academic records on demand. They may also request unofficial copies of their academic records or results on assessments were examinations by phone or e-mail, provided that Coopersmith may require that a student verify his or her identity before distributing such information. Students in good standing may request that official transcripts be sent to the college(s) of their choice. While Coopersmith does not generally charge students to mail one official transcript to a college or university after any given course is taken, Coopersmith may charge fees for the processing and mailing (or e-mailing) of multiple official transcripts.

  • Do I get to see my grades and corrections on a test?

    Our policy is that we do not provide

  • How long does it take to grade the papers from when they are handed in?

    Whenever a student submits an assessment or takes an examination, Coopersmith endeavors to provide timely grading. Students can generally expect all submissions and exams to be graded (by the course developer or similarly qualified individual) within seven (7) calendar days of Coopersmith’s receipt of the assessment. The extent to which feedback is available varies by course. Unless stated otherwise in the course syllabus, Coopersmith does not guarantee students the right to review their exams. A student who needs an exam or course graded within less than seven (7) calendar days should request “rush” grading. Coopersmith may, at its discretion, charge additional fees for rush grading.

  • Could I take the final before my papers are marked?


  • How could I speak to an advisor?

    Call us at 888.910.2667 or e-mail us at info@coopersmithcc.net

  • How do I receive my grades?

    Coopersmith issues transcripts with letter grades that are clear and in-line with commonly accepted grading procedures. The course syllabi and the transcripts also clearly indicate the conversion system between number and letter grades. Where there are multiple elements to a course (such as written assignments and final exams), the weight of each element in the determination of the final course grade is clearly set forth in the course syllabus. Students can view their grades by logging into their Student Portal.

  • How many credits can be transferred to college?

    It depends on the college. Some allow up to 117 out of the 120. To find out more about our options, call and speak to an advisor and check out more information on our Academic Coaching Page.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    There will be no refund after the exam is taken. If exam not taken, full refund minus $30 per course administrative fee within 14 days of course order 50% refund up to 30 days after order. No refund after that Students can switch courses to courses of equal value for a $30 per-course administrative fee.